“…is not a face quite different from a mask?”

A wily opportunist, who affects sanctity and gains complete control over Orgon, a rich bourgeois who in his middle years has become a bigot and a prude. To the great despair of his family and staff, Orgon has been brainwashed into believing Tartuffe’s rhetoric, to the point where Orgon feels morally obliged to break off his daughter’s engagement to her greatest love, Valère, and marry her off to this impostor; banishes his son; and signs off his worldly possessions to Tartuffe in the interim. Orgon’s family and staff try as best as they can to make him aware of Tartuffe’s sinister motives, but it appears to be too late!

Directed by: Sylvaine Strike

Produced in collaboration with the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS) and the Alliance Française of South Africa.

Craig Morris (Tartuffe / Madame Pernelle)

Neil McCarthy (Orgon)

Vanessa Cooke (Dorine)

Khutjo Green (Elmire)

Camilla Waldman (Cléante)

Adrian Alper (Damis)

Vuyelwa Maluleke (Mariane)

Anele Situlweni (Valère)

William Harding (Monsieur Loyal / Officer / Flipote)

Set design: Sasha Ehlers & Chen Nakar

Costume design: Sasha Ehlers

Lighting design: Oliver Hauser

Stage manager: Orapeleng Sedi Moswane

Musical composition: Dean Barrett

Choreography: Owen Lonzar