A train and a Springbok. 
A mirror and a cake. 
A whistle blows, the journey begins. 
Three strangers, all from different worlds, spend an entire night in one compartment, misunderstood. 

Naledi Theatre Awards:

 Best Ensemble

 Best Actor in a Comedy: Gerard Bester

 Best Actress in a Comedy: Sylvaine Strike

 Best Set Design: Chen Nakar

 Best Cutting Edge Production

 Best Musical Score: Philip Miller

 Best Lighting: Declan Randall

Directed by: Sue Pam-Grant                           

Devised by: Fortune Cookie Theatre Company

Performers: Gerard Bester, Sylvaine Strike, Brian Webber, Toni Morkel

Set: Chen Nakar                                              

Lighting: Declan Randall

Stage Manager: Monique May                       

Composer: Philip Miller