Endgame explores with precisely crafted eloquence the relationship of oppressor-subject; boss clown and underdog and in some contexts father and son; parent and child. All of these are either delicately or robustly disembowelled with the rhythmical precision evocative of a Magnus Opus. 

Directed by: Sylvaine Strike                

Written by: Samuel Beckett

Produced by: The Baxter Theatre Centre in collaboration with Derek Lubner

Performers:  Andrew Buckland

                            Rob van Vuuren

                            Antoinette Kellermann

                            Soli Philander

Set Design: Patrick Curtis

LX Design: Patrick Curtis

Costume Design: Birrie LeRoux

Stage Manager: Marisa Steenkamp

Fleur du Cap Awards 2019: Best Production (winner)

                                                           Best Actor – Andrew Buckland (winner)

                                                           Best Director – Sylvaine Strike (winner)