“Through only the sighs of a thousand fireflies, can you come to know the cost, the gaping abyss, the ineffable void, that is left where love is lost”

In the remote village of Bucket’s End, nestled high in the mountains upstream from the disappearing river, Ferine and Ferase manifest their love by delighting in their masterful telling of the story of two ill-fated lovers whose forbidden love is ignited by full moons and fireflies. The exceptional clowning duo of theatre legends Andrew Buckland and Sylvaine Strike take you on an unforgettable journey into wonder with Firefly.

Directed by: Toni Morkel                

Written by: Sylvaine Strike and Andrew Buckland and devised by the full company; musical arrangement and composition Tony Bentel


Performers:  Andrew Buckland, Sylvaine Strike with Tony Bentel on piano