Tobacco and the harmful effects thereof

“FACT! Take a fly, put him in a snuff box.
It will die… probably from nervous exhaustion.”

A long overdue collaboration between SYLVAINE STRIKE and ANDREW BUCKLAND, with a haunting guest appearance by Toni Morkel. 

Ivan, who is not a professor, is told by his wife to give a lecture on the harmful effects of tobacco, even though he himself is only a small smoker.  What follows is not so much a lecture, as an unfolding of the often hilarious and poignant journey of a man trying to be heard for the first time.

The vulnerability of Andrew Buckland’s consummate performance coupled with the sensitivity and minute attention to detail of Sylvaine Strike’s masterful direction and the perfect dosage of Toni Morkel’s haunting appearances combine to “guide the audience quite gently towards a dark place, a precipice between tragedy and comedy.” 
Mary Corrigall – The Sunday Independent 

Directed by: Sylvaine Strike

Written by: William Harding in collaboration with Anton Chekhov, Franz Kafka amongst many others…

Performers: Andrew Buckland and a special appearance by Toni Morkel

Costume design: Sylvaine Strike

Set Design: Chen Nakar